Friday, July 20, 2007

Transparent Life TV - Collected

While were in conversational mode, I realized I never finished posting these YouTube conversations, though Eric and I did finish editing them a while ago.

I like the idea of this kind of taped conversation, though I think the production could be a bit more polished, even on no budget. We'll try some more in the not too distant future, but for a dry run of it, I'm content with how this turned out.

All together they come out just shy of 30 minutes, about 10 minutes each.

Here they are, in order:


Installment 1 of a videotaped conversation about Futurism and what might constitute a revolution in wealth creation. Filmmaking, Ben Franklin, Obsessive Amateurs and King Kong are also referenced. Coffee is drunk, cigars are smoked, and a good time is had by all.

Our conversation continues; Who benefits? Things that are almost free! A mythical fat little girl in Iowa! Killing vs. Living! Independent Texans! Bruce! Sexy Green Things! Unexpected Vulgarity! Expanding the Sphere of Your Life! View on...

Our conversation concludes; Court the Wealthy, Save the Earth! Scary Old VCRs! Never Stop Spinning! Surprise, Look What Happened! Things like that just didn't happen back then...! Weird Half Measures! Radio, With Cameras Pointed At It! Eric wants a green condo (his is yellow)! Dystopian Disaster! International Leapfrog! That's the kind of thing that will happen! And fade out - the end!

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